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Careless Whiskers

When I finally uploaded my finished, polished book to the internet machine I half expected balloons or streamers to fall from the sky. It felt like such an enormous achievement – to finally finish what I’d started so long ago – and for a second I […]


Ten years of pussy

So I brushed on this in another blog post (but got distracted by pie. Mmmm… pie), but the ‘magazine’ I’m attempting to publish is one hell of a task. And now I’m kind of realising that I should blog about it because the journey so far has been […]


Nobody Deserves Bad Pie

As if I’m not busy enough with a full time job, studying journalism, writing & maintaining 3 blogs, writing children’s books and trying to get them published, running a household with a husband and 2 cats, maintaining a low FODMAP diet and crocheting a blanket, […]


Sorry, I’m busy.

When you’re single, people don’t want to see you alone. So fall in love. When you’re in love, people don’t want to see you wasting time. So get married. When you’re married, people don’t want to see you stagnant. So have kids. When you have […]

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Where have all my friends gone?

Babies are like Jesus. Harmless on their own but their fan clubs will drive you nuts. Mummies. Yummy mummies. The mommy club. Anyone who has a username containing the word ‘mum’ needs a fierce slap. Hayyyyyyy it’s me ShaylasMum81 Oh hi, it’s Mummy0115 Crazy_Mum73 in […]