T-T-T-Today, Junior!


So I was nominated by Ashleigh at MyMeow not only as a 2015 Woman With Purpose, but also to take stock of where I am at today, in honour of her page’s 1st birthday.

SO this is where my life is at on this greyish Sydney day – 21st of February 2015.

Making : My first pair of shoes. Really. I shocked the hell out of myself and designed and made a pair of shoes this week. I’ll blog about it in a minute. No, I won’t.
Cooking : Vege chilli puffs with sweet potato and red capsicum. Nom.
Drinking : Diet coke.
Reading: Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón.
Wanting: More hours in the day.
Looking: At my youngest son curled up and purring by my feet.
Playing: Lego Movie the game on Wii (when I get time).
Wasting: My talent on a job which gives me zero challenges.
Wishing: My husband would finish his degree so I can work less and study/write/create more.
Enjoying: The love in my house right now – everyone is so lovey dovey and it’s awesome.
Waiting: For my husband to finish his degree.
Liking: My new shoes that I made (did I mention I made my own shoes?!)
Wondering: When and how I can make more shoes.
Loving: My gorgeous Italian.
Hoping: That I will find a way back to New York ASAP.
Marvelling: At how much I can actually achieve if I just get off my ass.
Needing: Someone to clean my house because I seriously would rather starve than clean.
Smelling: The clean sheets I just put on my bed (I realise this contradicts the previous one but you don’t know how long it’s been since I last put clean sheets on my bed. Plus, I had to at least make it look like I’ve done some housework today).
Wearing: A denim skirt and a t-shirt .
Following: My dreams, no matter how many asshole people pull asshole faces.
Noticing: How when I turned 30 I thought my life was over, but then at 31 I somehow managed to turn it around and now I feel like it is just beginning.
Knowing: That I will never stop working hard to make my dreams come true.
Thinking: About cats and Nutella.
Feeling: Like I want some Nutella, damn it.
Bookmarking: Shoes I want.
Opening: Your mum.
Giggling: At my own jokes.
Feeling: Hilarious.

I nominate two of my favourite bloggers (Hugzilla and Creature Clinic) to take stock today.

Paws out.

5 thoughts on “T-T-T-Today, Junior!”

  1. Damn you McFly!!! 🙂 Thanks for calling me one of your faves though, I’m blushing, haha!
    ps. Shampoo is better! I go on first and clean the hair!

    • pps, I was wondering, what’s a greensock transition? Sorry, I’m a bit slowwwww. 🙂

      • Haha, don’t worry! It’s an old school component used for animation. Since my blog is loosely based on my career as an animator rapidly approaching its expiry date lol

  2. champagnecole says:

    I cannot believe you made your own shoes. I really really want to see.
    I’m with you on the cleaning, and the job/talent waste scenario.
    Glad to see you back in the blogosphere 🙂

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