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Pig vs KonMari Part III – I am the Josef Fritzl of clothes

Ok. It’s part III. I’ve got three chapters under my belt and to quote every single The Bachelor contestant, “When I started this journey I was the biggest sceptic, but…” Oh God. It’s happening. Make no mistake, I am still a pig. I mean, it’s […]


Pig vs KonMari Part I – Am I clean yet?

Welcome to part one of Me vs ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying’ by Marie Kondo. Here I, a self-confessed pig, will read this book and put the ‘KonMari Method’ to the test. I’ll do everything this bestselling tidying guru says, and we’ll see if I can be […]

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Excuse me, your ignorance is showing.

If somebody’s crack is showing, are you not disgusted? If you see a booger hanging out of someone’s nose do you not cringe and look away? Once I saw my (not current) boss pick up a newspaper and walk straight into the men’s room with it tucked under his […]


T-T-T-Today, Junior!

So I was nominated by Ashleigh at MyMeow not only as a 2015 Woman With Purpose, but also to take stock of where I am at today, in honour of her page’s 1st birthday. SO this is where my life is at on this greyish Sydney day […]


Say that one more time.

Last week was not a good week to be a crazy cat lady. It was actually the biggest week in cats that the internet has seen so far in 2015, so you’d think I’d be thrilled and excited and happy. And I was. I was […]


Careless Whiskers

When I finally uploaded my finished, polished book to the internet machine I half expected balloons or streamers to fall from the sky. It felt like such an enormous achievement – to finally finish what I’d started so long ago – and for a second I […]


No accusations, just friendly crustaceans

So a Liebster walks in to a bar… wait. That’s not right. Dafuq is a Liebster? Sadly it’s not a pet lobster. But it is something magical. It appears the lovely Hugzilla has defied all odds and remembered my name now that she’s famous. Not only does […]


Ten years of pussy

So I brushed on this in another blog post (but got distracted by pie. Mmmm… pie), but the ‘magazine’ I’m attempting to publish is one hell of a task. And now I’m kind of realising that I should blog about it because the journey so far has been […]